Welcome to Projectile Classes!

PROJECTILE CLASSES is one of the leading names in the field of tutorials in Sonipat. Specialised in preparing young minds for competitive exams like IIT JEE Mains/Advanced, NEET and NTSE, PROJECTILE CLASSES teaches you to accept your failures, work on your weaknesses and win with your strengths. Accessible and hardworking faculty, affordable fee and a comfortable environment is what makes the PROJECTILE CLASSES stand so firmly in this field. Looking for a place that motivates you, extracts the best out of you, makes your concepts crystal clear and turns your dreams into reality ?? PROJECTILE CLASSES is just the one for you.

Why us?

Well Qualified Faculty

Doubt clearance

Personalized attention

Mind is Not A vessel to be filled but fire to be ignited

Our Vision

We at projectile classes is a team on a mission to add some value to the education system. In today’s era students are filled with lots of information from institutes, schools, books, internet but some students are loosing the zeal to study and other ones are going through fear of failure in this highly competitive environment.
So we are here to ignite those young minds to project their own path of success. Because we believe education is not about filling the mind with loads of information but it is about making the minds capable of retrieving and creating that information themselves.